Saturday, December 20, 2008

I cannot believe how much snow we are getting in December. School was cancelled on Friday for a 14" snowfall with thunder snow which meant the whole fam was home together. It was nice being all home with no where to go. I was so excited about it I woke up early to check for closing and then started baking at 6:30 in the morning. Sierra and I made gingerbread men, Christmas mice (Thanks to Barbie for the idea :), and chocolate covered pretzels. When Steve woke up, he and Sierra went to the neighbors with plates full of goodies. It was the perfect day to deliver them b/c we knew everyone would probably be home with the snow. It was fun and helped Sierra learn about giving and see how fun it is to give. Life gets so crazy around Christmas that it is easy to think about me me me instead of others. I loved that her Christmas program practices were doing a charity for the rescue mission-men's scarfs. We bought some fleece and made 12 of them. It was easy but another fun way to give. It is an awesome way to show Christ's love and it doesn't require a lot of effort. Just a little time. Anyways, we are hoping for another snow day on Monday with windchills going to 30 below zero. But before that comes we are getting another 5 inches of snow tonight! Fun times! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

In the past couple of years I've tried to switch my decor to contemporary colors and styles. Well then comes Christmas... I have way too much stuff - 9 bins of decor that happen to be mostly crafty. I am debating do I put up the snowmen and houses, or do I just give at least the snowmen away? I am trying to minimize since we live in a small place but yet we keep accumulating stuff. Just as I finished switching over summer to winter clothes - the little semblance of order disappears! I have it all on my couch and chairs right now - which my husband wonders if the couch was ever intended for humans to sit on:). So do I put it all up one last time or do I just get rid of some now? Your thoughts are appreciated :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Courtney helped me update my blog, so I thought I'd make her and others happy by writing a new post too. We've been busy around here with school & the holidays quickly approaching. I help out in Sierra's classroom on Fridays and I am really grateful for the opportunity. I saw all the kids today at Sierra's program and they were saying hi and all hyper about performing in front of the whole school. Their program was on Persistence. They dressed up as their favorite characters and said how that person showed persistence. Sierra was Cinderella and said she showed it by doing all her chores - wonder if that could pass into real life at home - hmm - not thinking so! My mom came to the program and took her to get a Webkinz as a surprise for doing such a good job in her program - fun stuff!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Well we had to give up our cat "Prince Fielder" this last week. I found out after we got him last year for Sierra's birthday that I was allergic to him. It is odd since I grew up with cats and had no problem with them then. We really miss having him around here. We gave him to my parents. He is starting to come out from hiding under the bed all the time. They have a dog so he is trying to get used to that. Prince pretty much stays upstairs and the dog downstairs. Yesterday, we went over to my parents for supper and spent time with him. It made me miss him all the more. It was nice having him here during the day with me. I guess you don't realize how much you adore your pet until it's gone. I'm just thankful he is somewhere where we can still see him.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Well I know it has been a while. I thought I'd blog from one of the only things I have pictures for. If one of you blessed bloggers could teach me how to rotate pictures I would greatly appreciate it. This was our trip out to PA to see the Starrs. We took one day to go visit Washington D.C. since we were only 2 hours away. It took us 3 hours to walk around to all the monuments on a very warm day but it was worth it. Or should I say, now I know it was worth it since it's not right after the fact.:) One thing that made it even better is that Sierra studied symbols of freedom at school right at the beginning of the year. She was able to bring pictures of herself at many of them. All the kids loved it! I left my camera at home so the rest of the pictures were from a disposable camera. I have to find someone with a scanner to put in the rest and to put up the pictures from visiting the Starrs. This was Steve's first time here. It was so hilarious. We had researched where to park for free (D.C. is known for limited parking). Well the problem was we couldn't figure out how to get to this riverside road to park - everything was one ways going around the monuments. We ended up going over the bridge into VA at least 2-3 times! We could see our road but not the way to get there! Hey at least we saw the sign for Arlington national cemetery, so we can say we were there too :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well this is my first attempt at a Lemon Meringue Pie. Not as stiff peaks on the meringue as I would like but it turned out - hallelujah! Hopefully it will taste good :) I'm making a meal for a friend and was told this is one of their favorites. The meringue always seemed too hard to attempt before but today seemed like the best time to try!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Our trip to Chicago

Sierra's attempt at taking a picture under "the bean."

Running in the fountains at Millennium Park.

In the American Girl store by her favorite doll, Molly.

Steve & Sierra in front of Watertower place and the Sears Tower.

In front of "the bean" at Millennium Park.

We had a wonderful time for my birthday going to downtown Chicago for the day. We went to Michigan Ave with all of its shops, Millennium Park and American Girl. It was in the 90's but we enjoyed the great trip! The fountains in the park helped fascinate Sierra along with the AG store. We also stopped at the infamous Ikea that I have grown to like so much on the way home. Thanks family for a wonderful day!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Her teacher Mrs. Sherwood & Sierra - What a wonderful teacher!

Auntie Leigh, Grandma & Nanna

The little graduate and her cousins.

Grandma trying to get the whole cap on the cake as a piece for Sierra.

Sierra & Great Grandma

Sierra's friends Sadie & Reghan came to see her graduate.

After she got her diploma from her principal.

My little girl so grown up! I loved this white cotton dress she wore for her graduation too!

Here she is singing away!

I loved this picture of her they took for the slideshow of all the kids.

The 2 Kindergarten classes together on stage.

Her cake my mom got for her.

Well Sierra graduated last Thursday from Kindergarten. She was just singing her heart out and so full of energy. I ended up being too far back for most of the pictures but I got some from another family member. She was so excited that we had a party at our house for her afterwards that she whipped off her gown once she got in her classroom and was ready to go in a matter of minutes! My mom ordered an ice cream cake for her and we had some snacks with Steve's and my family at home. I was so proud of her - not a bit of nervousness showed - even though she talked about it all week.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Well we are camping out this weekend at my parents' house while they are away for Memorial Day weekend. We are taking care of their dog and 20+ year old cat. It takes some getting used to with letting the dog out at the crack of dawn and trying to quiet the deep guttural meows of the cat who thinks she's all alone. Last night we went to a carnival at Sierra's school where all the games required a certain number of tickets. The tickets were 20 for $5. Each booth was run by a teacher and the tickets they received transferred into money for their classroom. Clever idea. There were a ton of people there being it was elementary through high school mulling around with their families. Thankfully we had put a 1/2 hour time limit on it up front. All was well until Sierra saw a clown - freak out! Ring any bells Monica? I think that gene got genetically passed down. I hate clowns ever since I saw the movie IT in high school. Mind you I'm not totally freaked out by seeing one but I don't want any in my house! Not an idea to those who visit! Anyways, we are enjoying a relaxing weekend. We love doing fires outside and having smores. No swimming this Memorial Day - too chilly.
Edit: Well I guess chilly was not in the forecast. It was in the 80's today!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Notice the flower they painted on the big toe - so fun!

We had a fun mother's day weekend. I know a week late, but what the hay! Courtney and I went out to Qdoba for lunch on Friday and then to get manicures and pedicures - pd for by Scott - thank you. We were laughing and chatting it up - I think the rest of the place thought we must not get out much :). On Saturday we spent all day cooking and baking. We took lunch to Steve's mom - steaks, corn, salad, strawberry rhubarb pie. For supper, we made bbq chicken, baked beans, pumpkin and strawberry rhubarb pies, etc. for my mom. Wow did we sleep well that night! Also a coworker of Steve's - Heidi - came by and gave me bags of clothes for Sierra - what a blessing! She now has all the summer shorts she needs, a winter coat and dresses (her favorite). Then my hubby surprised me by taking me to Ikea on Sunday. We returned our whole bathroom redo items, but it was all good. With the economy the way it is - everything is costing a whole lot more! So we took back our new sink, cabinets, mirror, and light fixture. I guess we'll have to stick with the beloved 70's hanging globe lights with chains we have now.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My daughter is so consumed with her loose tooth or wiggly tooth as she calls it. She keeps complaining that it hurts - I should just yank it out. Have any of you guys done that? I'm afraid the process would be worse than the result. Somehow she figured out the tooth fairy is us - I'm sure someone at school told her. Oh well - it was bound to happen!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I helped today in my daughter's classroom so the teacher could do assessments on individual students. I was a little leery of it since the teacher would be out of the room, but I really enjoyed it. All the students were in 4 different phonics centers that were mostly games dealing with rhyming or high frequency words. I really enjoyed going from group to group helping out and getting to know the students in Sierra's class a lot better. It actually made me miss teaching a bit. Never thought I'd miss it. Not that I ever really officially taught, but I have a degree in it, student taught, and was a teacher's aide sub for a week. The thing I never really could grasp is the respect angle. I have a tendency to want to be their friends instead of being their authority. But today it helped knowing the kids and their tendencies so I could nip potential problems in the bud right away. It is cool having Sierra in there too. She was beaming when I walked in. She loved having me there. All in all a great morning! After I was done , they were off to get pictures taken for the yearbook in their caps and gowns for graduation. Wow this year has gone by fast!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wow am I getting nervous about a job interview this Thursday. I went on Craigslist today and applied by email for a job thinking it would take a while to get into motion. Oh no, the guy emailed me this afternoon and asked me to call him tonight. I did and I go in on Thursday morning to meet with the lady who I would be working with if I get the job. The cool thing is I prayed right before I started looking for jobs today and asked the Lord to guide me. I have never been contacted back for jobs I have applied for in recent times, so it has been kind of safe for me thinking that I am making my husband happy by trying but me happy by not actually getting any. The job is for a part time gift shop worker at a local hotel in the mornings. I would be done before Steve needed to go to work, so the job would still be feasible during the summer. I'm just kind of weirded out about the whole idea of working again. It is only 2 1/2 hours a day - not very long and yet I will get into a routine. The guy said it is pretty intense in the morning, but another lady will be working with me. It is an upscale hotel with a lot of business travelers who are in a hurry to get to meetings in the morning - needing gifts, coffee, etc. I think I would like to be busy enough to make the time fly ; I'm just worried about the irritability of the customers affecting me. Anyways, got to go. We'll have to wait and see!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here is the requested picture of the two of us with our "matching haircuts."

Monday, March 03, 2008

Sierra's new haircut.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I don't know if you've been hearing all the hype surrounding tomorrow, but it has me thinking. One extra day. What should I do with one day that normally every year I don't have? It kind of feels like almost if it was your last day, how would you live it? Kind of a carpe diem - seize the day - of sorts. I heard on the news they suggested going through your unwanted emails and actually hitting unsubscribe instead of just deleting them. Good idea, but not really seizing (not like a seizure:) the day. I kind of want to make a big deal about it with Sierra too. Should we go out of our way to do something nice for someone else, spend time with fam and friends, or just focused one on one time with each other? Any of you guys have any ideas? I want to instill in my little girl life isn't just about getting, but about investing in other people.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My 100th post is dedicated to my adorable little girl. She was anticipating losing a tooth for at least a month before, and finally the day arrived. She freaks out at the sight of blood, but when this tooth was wiggly, she worked on it and yanked it out - hilarious! I think in the process of showing it to both sets of grandparents, aunt and cousins, we lost the infamous tooth. But, there are many more to come :) So no tooth fairy visit this time, we'll have to wait a few more months, I guess :).

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ok I this post may be a little cheesy, but I lost Courtney's email and she wanted to see my new hairdo. So here is the old and in with the new. Believe me in real life the color is a lot more flourescent, but I soooo needed a change! The funny thing is I went to a beauty school so it would be cheaper ( to their credit it was), but it took the girl 5 hours! I was ready to grab the scissors myself! She kept calling over the instructor to check it and fix it. I think most of the others that were nearer to graduation would have been much faster, but this girl must have been brand spankin new. Sierra went full day yesterday b/c of their valentine party. Good thing, b/c there is no other way I would have been able to get it done. It was nice to look nice for our valentine's date though :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

The infamous sausage race - you have to be from Milwaukee to understand :)

I can't tell which Brewer this is, but our personal favorites are JJ Hardy and Prince Fielder (our cat is even named Prince Fielder :)

I don't know about any of you guys but I am so sick of snow and so ready for spring. I heard that the pitcher and catchers will be heading to practice soon, which makes me get excited about the Brewers season ahead. I think they have a good chance of doing well this year; they were right on the edge last year of making the playoffs. We normally go to about 5-6 games a year, but we'll probably have to limit the number this year. They are doing well which means they can raise the price of tickets again. We love going to TGI Fridays in the park and watching the game from in there, especially when we get nosebleed seats :). I even thought about working in Miller Park to get discounted seats, but that wouldn't work when there's day games. I don't think they'd approve of me bringing my daughter with me! Got to go - my daughter has a bandaid fettish and desperately needs one at the moment for an owie I can't even see!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

(L-r) Myah, Atiera, Sierra, Mikaela & Mackenzie sitting in "Mrs. Sherwood's tree".

Sierra at her table with Jacob.

Sierra celebrated her 1/2 birthday yesterday at school since she has a summer birthday. You'd think it was her real birthday the way that she was so hyped up about it. She got to bring in a special treat for snack time. She chose icee push up popsicles. I found out from Sierra that almost the whole class got a yellow card after I left - they were wired from the sugar - oops :) Then she got to stay for lunch and get hot lunch. She was able to pick one friend to sit with her in the tree to celebrate her b'day, so she picked Atiera. I'm glad she had such a fun day!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We had a great time celebrating the new year, Monica's birthday, and time with old friends.

Friday, January 04, 2008

My cousin Troy got married this month right before Christmas and boy oh boy did the girls go crazy--dancing up a storm. My cousin Carrie amused them for a while but they were wired for sound! It was a nice fancy occasion for us to sit back and relax and enjoy time as a family together amidst the craziness of Christmas.