Saturday, May 24, 2008

Well we are camping out this weekend at my parents' house while they are away for Memorial Day weekend. We are taking care of their dog and 20+ year old cat. It takes some getting used to with letting the dog out at the crack of dawn and trying to quiet the deep guttural meows of the cat who thinks she's all alone. Last night we went to a carnival at Sierra's school where all the games required a certain number of tickets. The tickets were 20 for $5. Each booth was run by a teacher and the tickets they received transferred into money for their classroom. Clever idea. There were a ton of people there being it was elementary through high school mulling around with their families. Thankfully we had put a 1/2 hour time limit on it up front. All was well until Sierra saw a clown - freak out! Ring any bells Monica? I think that gene got genetically passed down. I hate clowns ever since I saw the movie IT in high school. Mind you I'm not totally freaked out by seeing one but I don't want any in my house! Not an idea to those who visit! Anyways, we are enjoying a relaxing weekend. We love doing fires outside and having smores. No swimming this Memorial Day - too chilly.
Edit: Well I guess chilly was not in the forecast. It was in the 80's today!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Notice the flower they painted on the big toe - so fun!

We had a fun mother's day weekend. I know a week late, but what the hay! Courtney and I went out to Qdoba for lunch on Friday and then to get manicures and pedicures - pd for by Scott - thank you. We were laughing and chatting it up - I think the rest of the place thought we must not get out much :). On Saturday we spent all day cooking and baking. We took lunch to Steve's mom - steaks, corn, salad, strawberry rhubarb pie. For supper, we made bbq chicken, baked beans, pumpkin and strawberry rhubarb pies, etc. for my mom. Wow did we sleep well that night! Also a coworker of Steve's - Heidi - came by and gave me bags of clothes for Sierra - what a blessing! She now has all the summer shorts she needs, a winter coat and dresses (her favorite). Then my hubby surprised me by taking me to Ikea on Sunday. We returned our whole bathroom redo items, but it was all good. With the economy the way it is - everything is costing a whole lot more! So we took back our new sink, cabinets, mirror, and light fixture. I guess we'll have to stick with the beloved 70's hanging globe lights with chains we have now.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My daughter is so consumed with her loose tooth or wiggly tooth as she calls it. She keeps complaining that it hurts - I should just yank it out. Have any of you guys done that? I'm afraid the process would be worse than the result. Somehow she figured out the tooth fairy is us - I'm sure someone at school told her. Oh well - it was bound to happen!