Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sierra had her first program this past week. Wow was I a nervous wreck! Whenever I would ask her her songs or actions she couldn't remember them. Well this little girl must be all about stage presence. She was dramatic and singing loud and knew all the actions and words! We were sooo proud of her! She wasn't nervous one bit. She even waved to us in the back before the house lights went down. Oh I love this aspect of parenting! I love seeing this little girl blossoming into her own person. Of course I forgot my camera, so I missed all the memories for years to come, but that doesn't diminish how proud of her we are!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

I wanted to say how proud I was of my husband this week. We were at Panera having a bagel together after dropping Sierra off at school, when 3 Marines walked in. My husband went up to them and asked if he could buy them breakfast, just out of the blue. He wanted to thank them for their sacrifice for us. Wow - tears came to my eyes. I was so proud of him!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I love watching Steve get Sierra ready to read her homework book from school. He has her do jumping jacks to get her energy out and to get her to focus. She really is progressing in her sounding out letters to words but tends to try to guess at them too to make it easier. Now we just have to get her to focus at school. She does great at math. She must get that from her daddy :) But she struggles with language like writing the words the teacher says for them to write. We're working with her- hoping and praying that all this will click in her mind. It is an influx of knowledge for the little girl. I'm sure it feels overwhelming!