Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I've had a number of things going on but was waiting to get the pictures up before I posted. Well that could be the next century, so I thought I'd just write about it first.
My wonderful husband planned a 30th birthday party for me. He made it a luau theme where everyone had to wear leis given out by Sierra. It was such a nice time with family, friends and neighbors. We rented out a park with a pavilion and a big playground near my parents' house. Steve made hot dogs, hamburgers and brats and then some family and friends brought the extras. Trinity made a huge bowl of homemade salsa, Steve's mom made a huge bowl of potato salad and their wonderful caramel brownies, Mom made a huge taco salad and helped us decorate, my cousin brought pasta salad & plates, my sister made veggie & fruit platters and made a couple trips to the store, once we started, for last minute items. We got a big cake from Sam's and my aunt made her awesome carrot cake.Steve had been stock piling water and soda for months. There were about 10 12 packs left after the party - give you an idea? We had enough food for probably 100 people! He had a whole box of hamburgers & hot dogs left from Sam's - yikes - they are still in our freezer! We made up water balloons and had the sprinkler running so the kids could get wet. We also had a badminton net set up which the kids and families used too. I was quite impressed with my husband. He did a great job & made me feel very special. Thanks sweetheart!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The doll I showed in the last post is Sierra's favorite, Molly. Here is a picture of Sierra doing her best imitation :).

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I don't know if any of your kids are into the American Girl doll craze but it has hit our family. For the first year we were able to figure out when the sale is and order tickets. We started 4 min. before the alleged start time to order tickets and it was busy solid for 15 min. and then when we got on you had like 2 min. to complete all the info. and order. I think the dolls end up being around 1/2 the normal price in stores but I have a feeling it will be crazy! We thought it would be good to get Sierra one from everyone for her b'day so she doesn't get more stuff that doesn't fit in her room :). A doll could fit and would be nice keepsake for her 5th and golden b'day. My mom and sister and I were going to go, but it looks like my sister can't come b/c of a wedding, so maybe her oldest will come instead. I think this may be a one year and done experience for us. We'll see!