Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I helped today in my daughter's classroom so the teacher could do assessments on individual students. I was a little leery of it since the teacher would be out of the room, but I really enjoyed it. All the students were in 4 different phonics centers that were mostly games dealing with rhyming or high frequency words. I really enjoyed going from group to group helping out and getting to know the students in Sierra's class a lot better. It actually made me miss teaching a bit. Never thought I'd miss it. Not that I ever really officially taught, but I have a degree in it, student taught, and was a teacher's aide sub for a week. The thing I never really could grasp is the respect angle. I have a tendency to want to be their friends instead of being their authority. But today it helped knowing the kids and their tendencies so I could nip potential problems in the bud right away. It is cool having Sierra in there too. She was beaming when I walked in. She loved having me there. All in all a great morning! After I was done , they were off to get pictures taken for the yearbook in their caps and gowns for graduation. Wow this year has gone by fast!