Sunday, October 12, 2008

Well I know it has been a while. I thought I'd blog from one of the only things I have pictures for. If one of you blessed bloggers could teach me how to rotate pictures I would greatly appreciate it. This was our trip out to PA to see the Starrs. We took one day to go visit Washington D.C. since we were only 2 hours away. It took us 3 hours to walk around to all the monuments on a very warm day but it was worth it. Or should I say, now I know it was worth it since it's not right after the fact.:) One thing that made it even better is that Sierra studied symbols of freedom at school right at the beginning of the year. She was able to bring pictures of herself at many of them. All the kids loved it! I left my camera at home so the rest of the pictures were from a disposable camera. I have to find someone with a scanner to put in the rest and to put up the pictures from visiting the Starrs. This was Steve's first time here. It was so hilarious. We had researched where to park for free (D.C. is known for limited parking). Well the problem was we couldn't figure out how to get to this riverside road to park - everything was one ways going around the monuments. We ended up going over the bridge into VA at least 2-3 times! We could see our road but not the way to get there! Hey at least we saw the sign for Arlington national cemetery, so we can say we were there too :)