Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's very sad looking at my last post knowing that Grandpa died today. We are so grateful he lived a very full life and knew the Lord, but we still miss him greatly. We'll be heading to MI sometime midweek for his funeral. Pray that his testimony will continue on to influence those of the extended family that don't know the Lord.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Well I wanted to wish Steve's Grandpa a belated 91st birthday. This was taken last month when we went to see them around Grandma & Sierra's birthday. Wish we could see him but schedule won't allow it. So hope you had a great b'day Grandpa!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Well today was the big day! Sierra was a trooper! She got all dressed for school and brushed her teeth while mommy took endless pictures. She seemed so grown up! I think she was too excited to even eat breakfast - her hungry tummy when I pick her up will change that tomorrow :). I cried when we left, but Steve took me out for breakfast since it was so early. I guess the early empty nest begins - wow! I miss her already!

Well we had one last hurrah before Sierra jets off to school. We went to the zoo in the morning and rode the train and carousel. We ate lunch there and bought 2 animals that are made by a machine that heats up plastic into animal shapes - lion & giraffe. We came home for an hour to relax and then went down to Lake Michigan for some swimming. There was hardly anyone there, the water was pretty clear and warmer than normal - perfect conditions for swimming! To top it all off a Channel 4 helicopter flew overhead and took video. I think we were on the 10 o'clock news at night - too funny! Now we're celebrities - ok not really - but an awesome day. We topped it off by going to Red Lobster with Daddy for dinner - Sierra loves looking at the lobsters :)