Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grandma with Sierra and her cousins on a hay ride.

I'm really thankful for this resurgence of fall. Yes it is only October but it was so cold that it was acting like winter. Sierra is finally getting healthy after a bought of tonsillitis with hives followed by a cold with a nasty cough. We are learning to be more frugal in our day to day life out of necessity. My husband's job has cut various forms of his pay 2x in the last couple of months with maybe an actual lay off in the near future. It at times seems overwhelming but we are trying to stay focused and realized God has not left the throne. He is sovereign and knows our needs. I am thankful for the renewed desire to exercise more and eat healthier. My neighbor invited me to go for a long walk the other day and it was just what I needed. All the beautiful colors on the trees and great conversation made a 45 min walk go by fast. I am starting to use my YMCA membership more both individually and as a family. If I can get myself there, I feel so much better after working out. Sierra is adjusting to school more and loving working with her daddy in our church's coffee shop. She is just like Steve is her outgoing nature and her love for people. I hope she learns more of that in the years to come.

Just a little reflective today and realizing how great my God really is. He is faithful even when I get so caught up in my circumstances that I refuse to see it. Enjoy the beautiful fall colors like I am!

Steve starting a fire at my parents.