Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grandma with Sierra and her cousins on a hay ride.

I'm really thankful for this resurgence of fall. Yes it is only October but it was so cold that it was acting like winter. Sierra is finally getting healthy after a bought of tonsillitis with hives followed by a cold with a nasty cough. We are learning to be more frugal in our day to day life out of necessity. My husband's job has cut various forms of his pay 2x in the last couple of months with maybe an actual lay off in the near future. It at times seems overwhelming but we are trying to stay focused and realized God has not left the throne. He is sovereign and knows our needs. I am thankful for the renewed desire to exercise more and eat healthier. My neighbor invited me to go for a long walk the other day and it was just what I needed. All the beautiful colors on the trees and great conversation made a 45 min walk go by fast. I am starting to use my YMCA membership more both individually and as a family. If I can get myself there, I feel so much better after working out. Sierra is adjusting to school more and loving working with her daddy in our church's coffee shop. She is just like Steve is her outgoing nature and her love for people. I hope she learns more of that in the years to come.

Just a little reflective today and realizing how great my God really is. He is faithful even when I get so caught up in my circumstances that I refuse to see it. Enjoy the beautiful fall colors like I am!

Steve starting a fire at my parents.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hallelujah! I had a very good dr. appt. today. I was worried that my tests came back that I had diabetes. They came back not even borderline - woohoo! My body still has excess insulin in the system so she wants me to go on a low glycemic index diet to help maintain my blood sugars and bring down the amount of insulin my pancreas is producing. My thyroid is low and I will have to take some pills for that which I had a feeling that may be the case. I am estrogen dominant b/c my progesterone is way low but I was wary of taking any progesterone since it made my emotions go through the roof. She is prescribing something that turns into progesterone if my body needs it once it enters the blood stream. The stuff I was using before she said was storing up in my body's fat layer and was making my emotions worse b/c it never entered the blood. I am also taking a couple of supplements but all in all a very wonderful day. I also prayed that it would be under $150 b/c insurance doesn't cover it. It was $142 and change - wow - I am blessed! Thank you Lord!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Only in Mke would there be a sellout for a Brewers game with a giveaway for a Ryan Braun bobblehead! Sorry but that just made me laugh as I am watching the game and typing this. Well we have had a good weekend already. Thursday night Steve and I had a midnight date to the opening of the movie Wolverine. We got there an hour early and it got full really quick. It was a great movie but we had to be one of the oldest people there. There were teenagers and college kids all around us. It made us feel like kids again! On Friday night, we had a bonfire at my parents' house with my nieces and nephews. It was so nice out but the fire pit was kind of wet so it ended up being a little smoky. Oh well - more to come! Today we went to a huge rummage sale at Sierra's school. There were a ton of booths as well as a number of neighbors of the school who had a rummage too. I ended up getting a new bike helmet for Sierra for $5 so it was worth it. Then we embarked on our first family golfing experience. It was an experience. We went to a par 3 course to get Sierra's feet wet in the golfing realm, and wet feet we had! The course was very soggy and we ended up getting pretty muddy, but it felt good to start the season. Sierra did good when she focused but she, like her momma tends to pick up her head when she hits the ball. Thankfully it was only 9 holes; we wouldn't have made it to 18. Tonight Steve gave me off so I went and saw a movie. All in all a good weekend so far and we are planning to go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago tomorrow. Should be fun!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wow what a day! I've been looking forward to and dreading this day for some time. Not b/c it's April Fools but b/c I had a doctor appt. scheduled. You who know me well have known that I have gone to a number of doctors to figure out what is going on with me. I have a number of known things like Rosacea, GERD, PCOS, insulin resistance, elevated cholesterol, IBS, etc. But I have been having quite a few symptoms that I couldn't get diagnosed what my problems were: fatigue, anxiety, muscle weakness, numbness & twitching, etc. I went in today to a natural dr. to help regulate my hormones b/c I was sensing that this was part of the problem. Wow did I leave with a whole lot of information! I took a Candida questionaire where 180 was high and I scored a 250. Yeah, needless to say I am now on a yeast free, sugar free diet for the next 6 weeks & taking Diflucan. I also am getting a saliva hormone test done and thyroid, adrenals, and other hormones tested. They did an allergy test of the hormone LH and yes I am allergic to it; funny thing is my body makes that hormone especially during ovulation. I am allergic to my own body - great! brilliant! I have to take drops every day to counteract the hormone. It all is a little overwhelming to take in, especially the $500 price tag b/c it wasn't covered by insurance. But, I am hoping and praying that once this is all said and done the old me will be back. I'll post more when I have the time to pick up Sierra from school.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I am loving this warm weather! It is going to be in the 60's today and tomorrow! I am mopping floors and airing out laundry. My car is in the shop today so I am home bound. I guess I don't mind as long as the weather is nice. I would be home bound anyways b/c I am getting some mattresses delivered between 1-3 today. I should be cleaning Sierra's room to fit the mattresses in before 1 :). If I get really ambitious I may start setting up my garage for a rummage sale in the spring. I am trying to make our house more livable - less clutter! I have done better in the main part of the house but I think Sierra got the clutter gene from me. She doesn't want to throw anything away and likes it all spread out so she knows what she has :). I need to just grab a dumpster and start hauling stuff into it without looking back. I always think "Well, maybe one day I might use it." When am I going to use country style decor again? I am going contemporary/classic and not looking back! I was so thankful for all Steve did this weekend. He put up a light fixture in the bathroom for me which replaced a chain hanging globe setup that has been in our condo since it has been in existence, I am sure! He put up some pictures and helped me finally finish decorating our bedroom. I love it! When I find my camera & the cord to upload the pictures, I'll put some up. We are contemplating what to do to update the bathroom without having to spend too much. I am leaning towards painting the cabinets and just replacing the countertop, sink and faucet without replacing the whole cabinet. The countertop and sink are one piece and the sink is cracking. If we replaced the cabinet we would have to get new flooring b/c the laminate was cut to fit this cabinet. Well I guess feelings of spring cause me to think of working on various areas of our house. I am off to working on my daughter's room....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We were given a 3 month membership at the YMCA by my parents for Christmas. We signed up on Sunday and right away went swimming. It was so nice to be able to swim when it is below zero outside! I hope we use the membership a ton! I was thankful tonight Sierra and I went right after school and did some more swimming, played basketball and then went on the walking track. She ran around the track 3 times! I was shocked! It helped having a boy a little older than her running around it - she didn't want to be left in the dust :). I am just so thankful she enjoys it. That is one of the biggest hurdles to excercising - making it enjoyable for the kids and yourself so that you stick to it. My goal is to make it again on Thursday and on the off days use the treadmill at home.

Monday, January 12, 2009

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