Monday, November 24, 2008

Courtney helped me update my blog, so I thought I'd make her and others happy by writing a new post too. We've been busy around here with school & the holidays quickly approaching. I help out in Sierra's classroom on Fridays and I am really grateful for the opportunity. I saw all the kids today at Sierra's program and they were saying hi and all hyper about performing in front of the whole school. Their program was on Persistence. They dressed up as their favorite characters and said how that person showed persistence. Sierra was Cinderella and said she showed it by doing all her chores - wonder if that could pass into real life at home - hmm - not thinking so! My mom came to the program and took her to get a Webkinz as a surprise for doing such a good job in her program - fun stuff!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Well we had to give up our cat "Prince Fielder" this last week. I found out after we got him last year for Sierra's birthday that I was allergic to him. It is odd since I grew up with cats and had no problem with them then. We really miss having him around here. We gave him to my parents. He is starting to come out from hiding under the bed all the time. They have a dog so he is trying to get used to that. Prince pretty much stays upstairs and the dog downstairs. Yesterday, we went over to my parents for supper and spent time with him. It made me miss him all the more. It was nice having him here during the day with me. I guess you don't realize how much you adore your pet until it's gone. I'm just thankful he is somewhere where we can still see him.