Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We've been trying the program photo booth on my computer. Here's a funny one of Steve, Jordan & Brooke.Here's a great picture of Sierra and my Dad.

Well regarding my dr. visit today, the dr. said 6 more weeks before my foot is totally healed, but I don't have to wear my boot anymore unless my foot starts hurting considerably. So I can wear tennis shoes, sandals, or even be barefoot - woohoo! Thankfully no more crutches. You never realize how precious the basic things are until they are taken away. Just in time for spring/summer :).
Well the doc called last night. He said that they didn't see any hernia or anything else wrong. I had them do the scan over my abdomen all the way down my torso just to make sure. I am so grateful that they didn't find anything major wrong. He said it could be a pinched nerve in my chest or inflammation of the breast bone - sounds strange, but ok. He said the next step is to see a pain doctor and get a cortisone shot in my upper abdomen. It is odd, at first I just wanted him to find the hernia and have surgery to get it over with, now I am just praising the Lord I don't need surgery. No hernia which is weird- b/c even the chiropractor thought I had one and would push it in when I would go in to get adjusted. At least it has calmed my fears considerably b/c someone was even mentioning cancer which totally freaked me out. God gave me a passage in Job yesterday which I said, "Please may this not be b/c I need to face more trials yet to come today." The Lord was just teaching me to rest no matter what the outcome. Thank you for your prayers. This morning I go to the foot dr. Hope he says "Your healed" :).

Monday, March 26, 2007

No news on the ct scan yet. I should be able to find out in the next couple of days. Go to the dr. on Wed. to see if my foot has healed. Loving the 70 degree weather! Sierra is wondering when she can go swimming :).

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Well I met with the surgeon today and he couldn't find a hernia. What in the world is going on then? Well just to make sure, I'm going to get a ct scan tomorrow. 2 more bottles of barium to drink! Yuck! I don't know if any of you have had to do that but it is nasty! I guess I go in one of those tunnel things and get multiple x-rays of my abdomen like little slices. Hope it gives some answers. I do have to say I am grateful that as of right now I'm not scheduled for a surgery. That is a relief!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Well the car was a little more difficult to fix than first anticipated, so they took it in to get it fixed. The cost $1800. Yikes! Needless to say we didn't get it fixed, seeing that we only paid $900 for the car. Yesterday I went frantically looking online and in the paper at cars. We found a 2001 Chevy Prizm (really a Toyota Corolla built for Chevy) for $2000 less than the blue book price and bought it from a Toyota dealership. So Steve is thrilled to have a car that isn't puke brown and not 1 year from being in the classic car category :). It helps that 2 neighbors of ours have the same car and love it. If you know anyone who would like to buy a 88 Chevy Celebrity for cheap, let me know. It needs new brake lines and a gas line, but the body of the car is in good shape. Kind of like a fixer upper project for a father-son duo. Anyways, I'll post a picture soon.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well I'm at the coffee shop today while Sierra and her cousin Brooke are enjoying the St. Patrick's Day festivities. It is so busy here today b/c they put it in the paper. I'm blogging from my laptop for the first time. Great fun to be mobile! Steve is at my parent's house working on his car. On his way to a lead for work, his brakes almost went all the way out. His brake line broke and was draining all the brake fluid. Thankfully we were able to take back roads to my parents and get there safe. He and my dad are going to reinstall new brake lines - what a job! I do not envy him, but I am so grateful that my dad is willing to help to him to help save us money. I've been having significant pain in my chest below my sternum, so I went in this last week. It is confirmed I have a hernia. I meet with the surgeon this Thursday to see where it is and what are next step is. I'm kind of freaking out about having another surgery. I just had one 4 1/2 years ago for Sierra & then 3 months later for my gallbladder. I kind of have a feeling that it will be happening rather soon since last time I went in on a Thursday and had the surgery the following Tuesday. I just hope I get better in time for Paige's wedding April 20. I really want to be able to go. So please pray that I only have the 1 hernia, since there is a great possibility I could have more from the stitching areas from my last surgery. Also pray it is a one time fix, quick healing, no future problems to come from it and my current problems go away. 2 weeks ago it seemed like my body was having a panic attack which the dr. thinks was really a reaction from my hernia. I think it was due to a significant amount of caffeine. Who knows, but I just hope we can fix the problem this time. Last time the dr. thought it would all go away with the gallbladder surgery, but it didn't. I did have stones in my gallbladder, so it wasn't a needless surgery, but I was hoping the pain would go away. I am grateful the dr. also did blood tests and an ekg to see if the pain was related to my heart or liver and thankfully they turned out normal. I would greatly appreciate your prayers!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

She thinks she's the next Brett Favre. Whenever I let her dress herself she either puts on her Packer outfit or her Brewers outfit :). Now we just need to channel that energy and enthusiasm into getting ready for school :)

Well time for an uplifting post! It is a gorgeous day today and we are loving the sunshine! We are looking forward to the long range planners showing a 50 degree mark in the works. Three weeks from today we go to see if I can get the boot off. Woohoo! We purchased an Apple laptop this weekend, but I haven't used it much yet, b/c we don't have the necessary equipment to go online with it or MS office. I did sit in a parking lot near free wifi and tried it out though. That is nice to sit in the car while my daughter is snoozing in the back and be able to work on the computer. She is recently not loving to take naps, but I can tell she still needs them. So en route around town she falls asleep. So either I drive for an hour, or park for an hour. Now I have the laptop to keep me occupied :). Last night we went to an open house to check out a school. It was really weird for me. I guess it seems so far away yet so close. I was kind of hoping we could make it uneventful and just sign her up. Well that was before I was ushered into the world of private schools. You set up a meeting for questions, turn in the application with $98, Set up another meeting for Kindergarten readiness, Go to another meeting to discuss the outcome of the readiness meeting, they discuss which of the 2 teachers' styles best fit with yours, and then turn in a Pastor's referral sheet, sign a statement of faith(Sr. year at NBBC :), and welcome you in. I feel like I'm back at Northland! I understand the process, but I just wish I could say here's your lunchbox and backpack, have a great day, love you! :). We shall see. I need to get my act together b/c it all needs to be done within the next 6 weeks. I also have to decide between 1/2 and full day. I 'm leaning towards 1/2 to kind of acclimate her into school. What do you guys think?