Saturday, May 02, 2009

Only in Mke would there be a sellout for a Brewers game with a giveaway for a Ryan Braun bobblehead! Sorry but that just made me laugh as I am watching the game and typing this. Well we have had a good weekend already. Thursday night Steve and I had a midnight date to the opening of the movie Wolverine. We got there an hour early and it got full really quick. It was a great movie but we had to be one of the oldest people there. There were teenagers and college kids all around us. It made us feel like kids again! On Friday night, we had a bonfire at my parents' house with my nieces and nephews. It was so nice out but the fire pit was kind of wet so it ended up being a little smoky. Oh well - more to come! Today we went to a huge rummage sale at Sierra's school. There were a ton of booths as well as a number of neighbors of the school who had a rummage too. I ended up getting a new bike helmet for Sierra for $5 so it was worth it. Then we embarked on our first family golfing experience. It was an experience. We went to a par 3 course to get Sierra's feet wet in the golfing realm, and wet feet we had! The course was very soggy and we ended up getting pretty muddy, but it felt good to start the season. Sierra did good when she focused but she, like her momma tends to pick up her head when she hits the ball. Thankfully it was only 9 holes; we wouldn't have made it to 18. Tonight Steve gave me off so I went and saw a movie. All in all a good weekend so far and we are planning to go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago tomorrow. Should be fun!


Alicia said...

sounds like an activity filled weekend! We too saw wolverine this weekend - wow, it was full of action. I'm getting old too - can't take all that violence anymore. I've been having strange dreams ever since seeing that flick.

How was the museum?

Jen said...

Yeah that is about as much as I can see too. We didn't end up going to the museum b/c it was not open very long on Sunday. One of these other weekends we'll go on a Sat so we have some more time.

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